Excursion Magic Teide by Night

The seductive Canarian sky. Astronomical night activities...

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The seductive Canarian sky.
Astronomical night-time activities in the Teide National Park.
Peering into the Universe at night is one of the few moments in which human beings, so suffocated by the little things of existence, can be aware of our special place and relationship with the Cosmos from which we come.
We often forget that being alive and conscious is an extraordinary ephemeral gift in a universe immeasurably vast in space and time.

We will toast to happiness by watching the sunset in one of the most magical places in the universe, so that you will have a wonderful memory of the moment of your visit.

We have the most powerful telescopes on the market. Depending on the number of people, we will set up as many telescopes as necessary so that everyone can enjoy the most impressive stargazing that can be seen in the world together with the skies of Hawaii and Chile.

Wear comfortable, warm clothing. Not suitable for children under 4 years old.

Order of stops:
➔ We climb via Vilaflor to Teide.
Roques de García.
➔ Queen's slipper.
➔ Narices del Teide (sunset and champagne toast).
➔ Stargazing at Samara or Mirador de los Póleos, depending on whether the Starlight guide establishes that it is better to stargaze at one or the other place on that day.
➔ Dinner stop. Included in the price.

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